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Mr Hercules

The Mr Hercules is reputed to be the best amateur bodybuilding competition in the UK, predominantly established by Scott Horton in 1988.  The Mr Hercules originally replaced the NABBA East Britain when Scott became the promoter and organiser.  The competition has soared under the banner of NABBA, WABBA, UKBFF, independently and once again now WABBA.
Mr Hercules has become the show to win the in UK and we have produced some amazing champions all synonymous as great British and international body building and figure stars, too many to name.
The Hercules show has always encouraged great showmanship combined with great confidence and self-belief and has been pioneering, exciting and dynamic, all in the interests of the athletes, friends, fans and families.   People leave our show fired up, inspired, excited and elated having experienced a muscle extravaganza with athletes to emulate.  We believe props add great value and entertainment to our show during the individual posing rounds.  The trophies and prizes are always spectacular and we continue the tradition.
The 2012 Mr Hercules will be run on Sunday 27th May as part of the Hercules Olympia weekend.  It will be run in accordance with WABBA rules where appropriate.  Scott has taken up the appointment of WABBA UK President, Gordon Evans UK Vice President and Karl Borowiec Chairman of Judges Committee.  Our judges will be hand-picked, experienced and knowledgeable and subject matter experts in this field. 
Certain categories are in accordance with WABBA rules as marked above are indeed selectors for the WABBA World Championships in Rome, Italy June 2012 and WABBA Universe in Frankfurt, Germany December 2012.

For all WABBA selectors check out the rules at www.wabbaworld.com

Click below for your entry form; you do not want to miss out on this great weekend!

Mr Hercules 2012 Entry Form (859kb)